I really like making these machine embroidered brooches using calico, Harris tweed, felt  and wee scraps of Liberty lawn- they are backed with Liberty fabric too and a pin with safety catch sewn in place. Each one is totally unique and is tea dyed and distressed to make it look slightly aged and soft.

I’m busy working on my Etsy shop and they will be available on there soon- please be patient, it’s all a steep learning curve for me! Each brooch is presented on a card with appropriate decorative stamp or stamps so that it can be given as a small gift card- I like sending them to friends for birthdays or just to say hi.

Please let me know what you think of them- they are very subtle but add a super accent to a shirt collar or the pocket of a denim jacket .



photo 3photo 2

Having spent some considerable time looking at books of Japanese dress patterns I finally decided to bite the bullet and order a book -and it’s great!

Once I adjusted to being a size XL -I’m a size 12-14 UK – it wasn’t too difficult to trace the pattern on to tailor’s tracing paper -there were only 7 pieces.You do

have to remember to add seam allowances and even allowing for my far from perfect tracing and erratic seam allowances, the pieces fitted together very easily.

Size-wise I probably could go down to Large but the fabric I chose is quite a heavy cotton so that may make it seem larger as it tends to stand away from the body.

Good fun to make though and quite pleased with the dress -knee length on me but could easily be made longer or shorter.

I’ve now ordered another of the pattern books so watch this space -probably not for the very novice dressmaker because of the over printed patterns but fairly straight forward if you have some dressmaking experience.


These lace hearts are made from flower wire, bits of fabric and recycled lace and I’ve been using them to decorate plain brown paper bags which I use as small gift bags. The hearts can then be used as a decoration to hang up.

Again, a project for by the fire in the evening and you can decorate as much or as little as you like as the lace itself is very pretty.

Ed’s photographed some of them on a piece of Harris tweed which I think works really well!



I’ve been enjoying  myself doing these wee embroideries  during the long Winter evenings in front of the fire when the thought of leaving the warmth of the sofa for my much cooler work area is not appealing!

I then use some interesting pins I found to attach the smaller ones to cards for birthdays and other celebrations -I stamp the cards first using a text stamp to give an interesting background.

I’m easily amused but the recipients seem to like them!



Stamps and stamping holds a constant fascination for me! I bought these stamp sets quite recently – after much thought and consideration! –  and have yet to take the time to work out how I want to use them.

In the meantime, they are taken out of their box or tin and looked at frequently! I have tried them out on fabric and different papers and made a few simple cards. I bought a couple of sepia coloured ink pads which I like to use for a softer effect than the black ones. I also have a gold ink pad which is really good on dark coloured card or brown paper. The stamps also work well on paper and fabric with a not too strong pattern on it.

Hours of fun guaranteed -just need to make the time!








IMG_3123We’ve been in the house for over four years now and this year I feel the garden has really come in to its own.

I’ve really enjoyed creating little corners and areas of interest -it’s not a very big space but it has high walls all round which create a feeling of seclusion and also helps to shelter us from sea breezes!

Sitting in the sunshine on the lawn surrounded by all my flowers,  sewing  one of my wonky little embroideries is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

I hope you enjoy the photos -they were taken by my son ,Edward on a recent trip up from London.

Thanks for dropping by,